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“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

Joseph Pilates

BASI Pilates is dedicated to remaining true to art, to science, and most importantly true to Joseph and Clara Pilates.

With a reputation for innovation and academic excellence, BASI strives to provide the most comprehensive Pilates education experience and education resources available.

The repertoire of Sondra and her instructors is based on the BASI Block System, devised by BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz.
The Block System is a special system where exercises are categorized in a logical sequence that ensures the progressive structuring of classes within a flexible framework.

This progression allows for full-body workouts that are balanced, well-rounded, and address all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups. Exercises are personalized to each individual at every level—the Block System allowing for tailoring based on specific needs or restrictions.

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BASI Pilates Academy - Chicago Team

Sondra Karman

Owner &  Principal Faculty - BASI Pilates

Sondra Karman, Principal Faculty for BASI Pilates, comes to Pilates with an extensive background in movement and physicality.  A professional classical ballet dancer for over 30 years, Sondra strived to maintain strength for performing with maintenance for a lifetime of physical health. Pilates seemed a perfect match for those requirements. “I felt that Pilates had the inner sense of yoga and dance, but it also had the physicality of a conventional workout. Pilates develops the musculature; coordination, flexibility, and strength, and uses resistance in creative ways,” said Rael Isacowitz, founder of BASI Pilates.

Sondra began her Pilates training and teaching in the Classical method of Pilates, first in New York and then in Europe. Returning to America, and trying to stay current with medical findings and advances, she found her way to the Contemporary method of Pilates; taking Joseph Pilates foundation of exercises and complementing them with up-to-date scientific knowledge. Sondra’s background in Dance Medicine Therapy has helped her to work with a varied clientele: professional athletes, those with arthritis, pre and post-surgery, golfers, scoliosis, and those desiring to be more fit and maintain better health and posture.

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